I am a multiple citizenship holder holding both Korean passport and U.S. passport. Do I need to apply for K-ETA?

In principle, the multiple citizenship holders need to present their Korea

n passports for immigration inspection when they enter or exit the Republic of Korea.

If so, they do not need to apply for K-ETA.


And at the airline counter, you need to present both of the passports to get your boarding pass.

However, the airline might reject to issue the boarding pass for not having valid K-ETA if there is any discrepancy in personal information written on the passport bio page (such as name or date of birth) between Korean passport and U.S. passport or for any other reasons. So, please check this matter with the airline in advance.


If you do not have a valid Korean passport,

please apply for or renew your passport at a diplomatic mission of the Republic of Korea and enter the country with it. However, if you are not able to get it due to inevitable situations such as COVID-19,

you need to apply for K-ETA and enter the country with your U.S. passport.


What kind of documents are required for K-ETA for ‘Priority Entry (Business) Persons’?

To apply K-ETA for 'Priority Entry (Business) Persons',

you need to submit the documents requested by the department in charge,

such as certificate of business registration,

a copy of the passport bio page of the foreign invitee, and the list of the applicants.


What are the procedures for the K-ETA for ‘Priority Entry (Business) Persons’


domestic company (or organization) applies for K-ETA

to the department in charge (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy,

Defense Acquisition Program Administration, Ministry of SMEs and Startups,

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, etc.) related to their business institutional industry.



the department in charge verifies the entry purpose of the applicant

as ‘important business purpose (priority entry persons)’, the department

in charge sends the K-ETA application to the Ministry of Justice via the official letter.



The Ministry of Justice evaluates the validity of K-ETA issuance

based on the K-ETA application form sent by the department in charge,

and then notifies the evaluation result (official letter) to the domestic company (or organization)

by e-mail and also to the department in charge by official letter.



Who are eligible for K-ETA for ‘Priority Entry (Business) Persons’?

Foreign nationals of the countries/regions where visa-free entry has been suspended who intend to

enter the Korea for an important business purpose are eligible for K-ETA for Priority Entry (Business) Persons.


However, those who intend to work for short term to engage in profit-making activities (C-4),

such as temporary performance activities, advertisementㆍfashion models, lectureㆍspeeches,

research, technical guidance, are not allowed to apply and must obtain a visa at a diplomatic mission for entry.



I am a national from a country where visa-free entry has been suspended, but if I depart from (or resides in) a visa-free entry country, can I apply for K-ETA?

The eligibility of the K-ETA application depends on the nationality stated on the bio page of the passport,

not on the country of residence or departure.

Therefore, if you are a national of a country where visa-free entry has been suspended, you cannot apply for K-ETA.


I have submitted the K-ETA application and received an application number. However, I received a notification e-mail saying that the application information will be deleted if the application is not completed.

 If you have a temporarily saved application, you may receive this e-mail saying your application will be deleted.

If you received the 'Approval for Electronic Travel Authorization' e-mail, you may disregard the notification email.


If I plan to stay at various places, how do I fill out the address?

If you plan to stay at various locations, please enter the address of main location where you will be staying during the visit.

If the address is changed after you obtained the K-ETA approval, please update it to us.

Please be advised that there may be disadvantages if you do not update your address.


When I upload my photo, it says that the file size limit exceeded. What should I do?

As numerous K-ETA applications from all over the world are being submitted, there is a limitation with the file size.

Your photo size should be less than 100KB and 700*700 pixels.



I cannot enter the address in the address box. How can I fill out the address where I will stay?

 For the address search, you can get the result quickly and easily

if you enter both the five-digit postal code and the road name (without the building number and special characters)

in the ‘Address Finder’ pop-up window.



During the COVID-19 situation, do I still need to submit a negative PCR test result after I receive a K-ETA?


Effective October 1 2022 ,

a COVID test, either Antigen or PCR, is not required for international arrivals to Korea, either before travel or after arrival.



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