Frequently Asked Questions

What is online travel insurance?

Please contact us or call Samsung insurance planner Brian H. Shin at : +82)10-9073-7931 or send email at

How to get my Travel Insurance?

You can simply add Travel insurance service on our website when applying for K-ETA.
it’s totally free!

Advantages of Travel Insurance

The healthcare services in South Korea are run by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and are available to both residents and visitors alike. The hospitals in South Korea are very well equipped and have some of the best facilities in the region, so you know you’ll be well looked after should you need medical treatment

Why is Travel Insurance a Must have?

  1. Medical emergencies often happen while traveling.
  2. It can be really expensive to get emergency medical care overseas.
  3. It can be really, really expensive to get a medical evacuation overseas.

How long does it take to receive the insurance policy after applying?

When applying for K-ETA, simply add the date of your arrival for Travel Insurance. You can check your Insurance Status along with K-ETA from My Page. If you need to extend the days you can simply apply from Travel Insurance Page.