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Benefits of LGU+ Portable Wi-Fi

  • ✔️ LTE-speed data is available anywhere in Korea.
  • ✔️ Multiple people can use one portable Wi-Fi simultaneously.

Usage Price

*VAT is included
Sort Portable Wi-Fi Data
Price $7/day Unlimited
Reservation discount price $3.3/day Unlimited


1. If you use up the daily provided 4GB of data, you can continue using an unlimited amount of data at up to 5Mbps of speed. 4GB of data will be provided every night at 12 AM.

2. Rental charge is incurred everyday until the item is returned.

3. Should you wish to extend the rental period, please reach out via the chat service on our website or call the LG U+ customer center at 010-3998-1004 (charges apply / free when called from U+ mobile phones).

4. Device deposit 1,111 KRW (VAT inclusive) should be paid by credit card. The payment amount does not actually get charged.

5. In the case of the device being lost or damaged, please report it to the LG U+ Customer Center immediately. you may be charged a penalty.

6 .If the lost item is returned within 14 days, the penalty will be refunded.

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