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Cheonggyecheon Stream starts at Cheonggye Plaza right next to Sejong-ro Boulevard. Cheonggye Plaza covers an area of about 2,500 square meters and is located at the starting point of Cheonggye Stream.


Built on the design of traditional Korean fabrics, the plaza features the elegant beauty of colorful yet sophisticated traditional stonework, and also includes a model of Cheonggyecheon Stream, which provides a bird's-eye view of Cheonggyecheon Stream. It's more beautiful in person

The square features plaques that detail 22 bridges across the river and elegant fountains that add to the local atmosphere.


The area celebrates the Cheonggyecheon Restoration Project and also symbolizes gatherings, harmony, peace, and unity. It's a place with a good meaning

After Cheonggye Plaza was completed, the Seoul Metropolitan Government designated the area as a vehicle-free area for holidays, providing more leisure space for pedestrians. Since then, the waterfront area and surrounding streets of Cheonggyecheon have become popular places for people seeking relaxation and various cultural experiences. It's good to take a rest while looking at Cheonggyecheon Stream or enjoy the night view

Many people's favorite is the candle fountain, which features three different lighting fixtures and the magnificent concurrency of a four-meter-high two-story waterfall.

On either side of the waterfall is the wish well of Palseokdam, which is made up of eight stones.

Address: Changsin-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul


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