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[K-ETA] Korea Activity- Enjoy Korean cooking class !

Looking for activities to enjoy in Korea?


If so, I highly recommend the Korean Cooking Class!

Immerse yourself in Korean culture and enjoy an authentic home-cooking experience with a local chef at her home. It's so delicious!


Visit local markets with your guide to buy fresh ingredients, sample delicious street food and learn about typical herbs and spices.


Then choose a popular Korean dish and practice while mastering traditional cooking techniques. it will be fun

Sit down for a final 'Hanjeongsik' dinner, which includes homemade side dishes, additional side dishes, and dessert.



- Guided Market Visit: Learn about local street food and ingredients.

- Make 4 Korean dishes, including 'Bibimbap' rice and 'Sanjeok' pancake.

- Traditional 'Hanjeongsik' dinner with more than 10 different side dishes.

enjoy all this







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