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[K-ETA] HANBOK - Korean Traditional Clothes

Han bok

Traditionally, women's hanbok

Jeogori (top) and chima (skirt).

The ensemble is commonly known as 'chima jeogori'
Isn't it pretty?



men's hanbok composition

Jeogori and baggy pants.

In addition to this ensemble, there is a wide range of vests, jackets and coats. Isn't that cool?


For men, there are durumagi, dopo, danryeongui, jungchimak, sochangui, and daechangui.


For women, there are Jangsam, Dansam, and Wonsam.
Are there many types?




“Why is Hanbok so pretty?”


Hanbok shows an attractive flow that represents Korea's unique aesthetics by combining straight lines and curves.

In fact, the elegant and harmonious movements when wearing hanbok are praised by people around the world.



The color of hanbok symbolized status and marital relationship.

For example, bright colors were generally worn by children and girls, while middle-aged men and women wore muted colors.

Unmarried women often wore yellow jackets and red skirts, wives wore green and red, and women with sons often wore navy blue.
Wear a pretty hanbok




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