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[K-ETA] Korea Travel: Do I Need Travel Insurance?

So you are planning a trip and looking forward to it. what could be wrong?

Actually, that's enough. That's why many people buy travel insurance before they go on a trip. Have you ever lost your luggage or had your flight canceled while traveling? You know that these events can be inconvenient, annoying and costly. However, getting travel insurance can help protect you from unforeseen problems.


Here is a guide to some key information to help you decide whether to purchase your travel insurance and what level of coverage is right for you.
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What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance helps protect you in the event of a number of unexpected things happening before or during your trip. Unlike other insurance coverage you may need to purchase, travel insurance is entirely your call. You decide whether to buy or not.
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What does travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance can ensure your protection in many different cases, including:
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Trip Cancellation, Interruption or Delay. If your trip is affected by coverage reasons such as personal illness, illness or death of a family member, natural disaster, job loss, travel agency closure, terrorist attack or flight problems, this coverage will generally compensate for prepaid expenses. travel costs or additional costs. This may include original and replacement tickets, non-refundable hotel reservations or emergency accommodations.


Also luggage and personal belongings. This coverage covers costs associated with lost, stolen or damaged baggage and personal effects during travel. Some policies may reimburse you if your baggage is delayed and you need to purchase items while waiting for your baggage to be picked up. It's also important to check for homeowner's or renter's insurance to cover your personal possessions when you vacate your home. Then get a travel protection quote when you're ready.


and medical and dental problems. If you face a health emergency while in another country and your U.S. medical or dental insurance (including Medicare) doesn't cover it, travel medical and dental coverage usually applies. Most of these policies apply to accidents that occur while engaging in common vacation activities such as touring, skiing or horseback riding. However, we generally do not cover problems caused by risky activities such as skydiving and parasailing. Another consideration: Many countries offer free or low-cost health care to everyone, even tourists.


Medical and emergency evacuation. Evacuation insurance can help pay for certain transportation costs if you are sick and need an ambulance or flight to medical care, or if you need to get out of a crisis like a political uprising.


identity theft. This coverage usually provides support if your identity has been stolen or your account has been hacked while you were away.


vehicle problem. Car rental insurance can help pay for certain expenses in the event of an accident or other problem with your rental car during your trip. It should be noted, however, that this does not include liability insurance that pays for damage to another vehicle or for the treatment of someone else if found to be responsible for the accident. Feel free to ask your local independent agent or Travelers representative to understand what regular car insurance covers when you travel.


Finally, accidental death or amputation. Accidental death insurance provides a lump sum to the beneficiary in case of death while traveling. Amputation guarantees usually cover a defined amount. Your life insurance or work accident and dismemberment insurance can protect you while on vacation.

Depending on your trip, purpose, destination and potential risks associated with your trip, you may want to consider purchasing an insurance combination. Ask what insurance is available and get a quote on travel protection.

Tip: Some travel insurance companies include 24/7 travel emergency assistance. This is important if you are in a country unfamiliar with the language and culture. This coverage may include finding a lawyer or doctor, booking a flight, or finding lost baggage.




Our service provides free travel insurance to all KETA customers :)




All you have to do is add a travel insurance service on the K-ETA website.

2 nights 3 days completely free! Also, if you want to extend the insurance period, you can add a date in the Customer Center menu.

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