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[K-ETA] Do I need a paper copy of an eTA?

Do I need a paper copy of an eTA?

No. An eTA is electronically linked to your passport.

You will need to travel with the passport you used to apply for your eTA.

What type of visa is K-eTA?

The online South Korea visa waiver, or K-ETA, is an

electronic travel authorization.

It permits eligible citizens to visit South Korea for short stays for tourism, visiting family and friends, and business activities such as attending meetings and seminars.

What do you provide an eTA for?

abbreviation for estimated time of arrival: the time you expect to arrive: I'll call you when my flight lands and give you an ETA.

What questions do they ask for an eTA?

This includes your name, date and place of birth, gender, marital status, address, nationality and passport number. You will also need to answer a few simple background questions to determine if you can come to Korea.

For example, you will be asked about your current job and if you have any medical issues.

Due to an unexpected increase of applications, the result may not be notified within 72 hours. Thus, please apply for the K-ETA with plenty of time in advance.

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Where can I ask ?

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