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frequently asked question

Traveling frequently asked question

What is an E-Ticket?

It is a service in which all customer travel information is stored and processed in the airline's system by issuing an electronic ticket instead of the existing paper ticket.

Since your ticket information is stored as an electronic document in the airline's system, there is no risk of loss and you can receive it by e-mail or fax.

What should I pay attention to when traveling?

☞ For emergencies, know the contact information and emergency contact information of the local embassy in Korea. ☞ If you are traveling through a travel agency, check the phone number of the guide and travel agency in charge.

☞ Know the travel information and precautions for the relevant travel country in advance.

☞ When you go through immigration, you must answer honestly and honestly.

☞ Refrain from going out alone and be wary of excessive favor and kindness from strangers.

☞ When going out, bring your hotel business card or get the contact information of a local guide or travel agency.

How do I exchange money?

A fee is charged each time you exchange money, so I think it's wise to exchange only a reasonable amount of money for traveling in that country.

Usually, credit card is used, so 30% of the travel cost is appropriate.

How much travel expenses should I bring with me?

First of all, there is a difference in degree depending on the region and period of travel.

On average, if you choose a package tour, it is appropriate to prepare extra expenses between USD 30 and USD 50 (per person) per day.

In Korea, most credit cards are used, so you can bring an internationally usable card such as MASTER, VISA, AMX, or JBC.

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